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Genesis "We Can't Dance" (Virgin 1991)

We Can't Dance
Tony Banks used the Ensoniq VFX on this album (jointly with a Roland JD-800 and a Korg WS). He replaced the VFX by a SD-1 during "The Way We Walk" tour. You can hear the  VPC-103 "FLORIDA KEY"  patch as the "Jesus He Knows Me" (Track 2) hybrid synclav/guitar sound introduction:
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The soft aerial choiry digital pad you can hear as a backing sound in "Driving The Last Spike" (Track 3) is the internal ROM "AMEN-CHOIR" patch:
MP3 demo
The punchy brass section you can hear in "Fading Lights" (Track 12) is the VPC-100 "SIZZLEBRASS"  patch:
MP3 demo

ABWH "An Evening Of Yes Music Plus..." (Voiceprint 1993)
Rick Wakeman included a VFX  - with a Korg T3 and a Roland D-50 among others - in his synth set during this Yes (renamed ABWH) tour. The "Catherine Parr" (Track 4) introduction is played with a digital pluckey VFX patch:
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