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DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume One: Top 40"
by Lorenz Rychner & Scott Frankfurt / Also known as the "Volume One: Rock DX7" book

01. AN.MLTIUSE     
02. ANDIG.LEAD     
03. ANALOG BOW     
04. AN.TCH-REV     
05. S.F.PIANO5     
06. S.F.PNOBEL     
09. OPT.HITINE     
14. FLOATING       
15. THE STRNGS     
16. SPLIT-STGS     
17. BASS-BRASS     
19. BRS-HIFLTS     
20. BRS-HIBELS     
21. WHO DIED-C     
22. PRETTY SHY     
23. CLAR-HI-LO     
24. FIFE-ORCH      
25. FIFE-HARPC     
26. FIDL-HRP.C     
27. FIDL-ACC.C     
28. TRIPLE-ORG     
29. VARY-METAL     
32. RE-ENTER       

Patches comments (as published by the authors): 

01. AN.MLTIUSE:  analog sounding, controllable Filter Sweep, many variations while you play, some reverb impression.
02. ANDIG.LEAD:  big analog for lead or other uses. Controllable low range and attack. Dry filter sound.
03. ANALOG BOW:  huge low range to full upper range. Very big and fat multi-oscillator analog sound.
04. AN.TCH-REV:  Concert Hall reverb. Many colors from low strings to agressive brass to analog filter all in one patch.
05. S.F.PIANO5:  astounding acoustic with Rhodes color optional.
06. S.F.PNOBEL:  heavily chorused synthpiano. Unique, a cross between honky-tonk and tack piano.
07. VARIBOTTOM:  electric piano of recording studio caliber. Nicely chorused with optional control for low end treatment.
08. HONKYTWANG:  not for the fainthearted! Raunchy but touch sensitive piano. Bass double via MIDI with analog for BITE!
09. OPT.HITINE:  Rhodes-type from subtle to full with controllable amount of metallic "tine"-sound.
10. GLITTRHARP:  very digital and glassy with two options: mellow sinewave sustain and/or filtersweep on release.
11. THWACKBELS:  need some crackling attack for a MIDI-synth patch? Also gives you mellow chimes. You choose and control.
12. MIDIATTACK:  non-compromising pitched attack sound. Use for awesome short bass or to enhance a MIDI situation.
13. CARIBSPLIT:  steel drum (with or without low octave tracing) and marimba/xylophone one one keyboard. Pina Colada stuff.
14. FLOATING:  dreamy multi-application sound. You control the colors and the floating feeling. Not for Black Sabbath fans.
15. THE STRNGS:  touch-sensitive section sound with full range from muted to shiny. MIDIes well with analog for extra luster.
16. SPLIT-STGS:  left-hand bass and right-hand strings. You balance the volume and color as you play or reverse control.
17. BASS-BRASS:  solid left-hand bass with brass on top. Section attacks firmly then swells and changes color.
18. SPLITAFTER:  colorful left-hand bass against everchanging right-hand piano/organ/bells tremolo.
19. BRS-HIFLTS:  punchy brass, very touch responsive from tuba and French horn to trombones and trumpets. Add high flutes.
20. BRS-HIBELS:  full range brass section that's touch responsive for many colors. Add marching band lyre bells whenever you want.
21. WHO DIED-C:  very sad and ominous. Gorgeous bells tuned to a minor triad of whatever note you play. You add low bell.
22. PRETTY SHY:  a subtle, slightly breathy sound with controllable amount of digital glassy high end and vibrato.
23. CLAR-HI-LO:  touch-responsive clarinet over full range down to the woody color of the Eb Contralto clarinet.
24. FIFE-ORCH:  ethnic flute-reed sound to full background ensemble or crossfade.
25. FIFE-HARPC:  full range solo flute/reed sound with breathy quality against Irish sounding harp.
26. FIDL-HRP.C:  a real solo fiddle with vibrato when needed. Interchange or crossfade with harp.
27. FIDL-ACC.C:  solo fiddle that turns into accordion with foot.
28. TRIPLE-ORG:  small pipes with reedy color, medium pipes with brassy sound and the BIG ONES.
29. VARY-METAL:  mucho metallic effect that sound sample.
30. MARCHCORPS:  military drum ensemble plus flutes and optional marching band bells.
31. STEAMDELAY:  more metallic effects from anvil to steam valve with finely controllable DDL feedback amount. Like a sampled sound.
32. RE-ENTER:  a space travel sound effect with or without UFO take-off on release. You're in charge. See you out there -- thataway!

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