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Yasuhiko Fukuda "Yamaha DX7" book
Ed. Rittor (Japan-1984)

01. KAWAII NE (Cute)    
"An FM SOUND SOURCE SYNTHESIZER is unbeatable at making this type of sound. It is so easy that it can be produced at the first attempt at the DX's keyboard.
 The Algorithm is n5 which produces a sound that is an admixture of sounds produced by two OPERATORS.
 Even though the F COARSE and F FINE of OP4 (at 13.08) is high, the F COARSE of OP3 (at 2.00) is high, and the OUTPUT LEVEL of OP4 is low.
 The combination of OP6-OP5 produces a soft continuous sound, which makes the whole tone colour calm and steady."

"This sound is like that created when the rim of a wine glass is rubbed lightly with a moistened finger. Creating this sound is very easy.
 Algorithm n5 is used - all the operators produce the same tone colour and are mixed. Since the F COARSE of the Carrier at 4.00 is very high,
 the resultant tone may be unpleasant. The OUTPUT LEVEL of the Modulator and the LEVEL SCALING of each OPERATOR are very important
 elements in determining the tone colour. Be careful not to turn up the volume during the performance."

03. 3 - SPLIT
"The range of the keyboard has been divided into thirds and a different tone colour is assigned to each segment, low, middle and high.
 Algorithm n5 has been used with LEVEL SCALING of the Carrier.
 It is very important to set different BREAK POINTS for each tone colour. The SCALING of the Modulator is basically executed by the same curve
 as the Carrier. Only OP6 is -L, quite opposite to Carrier OP5, R KEY SCALE=+LIN. This prevents the sound quality in the higher range from being flat."

"This creates the sound of a guitar according to the way it is played. As the F COARSE 17.00 of OP6 brightens the tone colour, care must be taken when
 setting OUTPUT and LEVEL SCALING. The sound is quite loud in solo and is hard on the ears."

05. 5THSYNTH 1

06. 5THSYNTH 2
"Both are fivefold SYNTHESIZER SOUNDS, the F COARSES of which have been shifted. Since they are detuned they sound similar to an organ.
 5THSYNTH 1 has a strong clicking sound".

07. GORI GORI (Hurdy Gurdy)
"This is a strong sound with a great deal of KEY VELOCITY effect. Algorithm n18 is used and the OUTPUT LEVEL of each operator is high."

08. BAKUHATSU (Explosion)
"This is an explosive sound made by setting the OUTPUT LEVEL of each operator at its highest. The ENVELOPE is set to sound explosive whether it is played legato or staccato.
 Since it is impossible to change the frequency compnents of a noise like this it is somewhat irrealistic".

09. AKINOYORU1 (Autumn Night 1)

10. AKINOYORU 2 (Autumn Night 2)
"This is a simulated chirping of insects in the field in the autumn. Autumn Night 1 has SAMPLE and HOLD WAVE which applies AMPLITUDE MODULATION to each operator.
 In Autumn Night 2 since the LFO wve is sawtooth it sounds more intermittent. Both use the FIXED MODE."

11. DOGS
"This barking sound uses the fixed mode for the Carrier. The ENVELOPE is made up so that the PITCH changes by PITCH EG the moment the key is played and the changes
 in tone colour and volume cease the moment the change ends. A strong ATTACK produces a strong bark and a soft attack a muffled sound by making the KEY VELOCITY effective".

"By the combination of unusual ENVELOPES, the tone colour changes several times and the weird sound of KONOMAMA is produced. This sound become quicker upon a light touch
 and slower with a heavy touch.
 As mentioned before, because the EG RATE of the DX is decided in relation to the LEVEL, when a touch is soft, LEVEL is low so the time and ENVELOPE shorten."

13. 1999...END
"This is an example of PITCH used 'dashingly'. Since the RATE 1 of the Carrier is much faster than that of the modulator, a bare sine wave sound is produced when a key is played;
 if the key is held down the pitch suddenly falls. A surprise effect can be obtained by using staccato first and suddenly applying PITCH ENVELOPE by keeping the key pressed.
 A better effect is produced by playing a chord."

"When the lower keys are played the sound of boiling is produced and when the higher ones are played it sounds like the computer has gone hysterical. After the modulator is fixed,
 the Carrier is modulated by SAMPLE and HOLD, PMD and AMD at top speed are applied. Changing the frequency of the fixed oscillator will produce a quite different effect."




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