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Korg M1 has been used a lot at the end of the 80's/beginning of the 90's in House/Dance/TV productions and some Pop/Rock albums too. Trying to make a complete list would be fastidious and nearly impossible. So, here are only a few examples. Keep in mind that thousands of others are ignored here...

One of the certainly most known M1 sound is the acoustic piano simulation, with this so typical metallic touch:

Black Box "Dreamland" (RCA ©1990)
Black Box
"Ride On Time" (Track 6)/Rythmic riff:
MP3 demo

Londonbeat "In The Blood" (Radioactive ©1990)
"I've Been Thinking About You" (Track 1)/Introduction background rythmic:
MP3 demo

Snap! "The Madman's Return" (Arista ©1992)
"Rhythm Is A Dancer" (Track 5)/Melodic piano in the middle:
MP3 demo
Zouk Machine "Maldon" (Déclic Communication ©1989)
Zouk Machine
"Maldon" (Track 1&12)/Rythmic piano during the bridge (discrete!):
MP3 demo

M1 spacious Choir or Voices have also been used in several Pop/Rock albums. Here are a few examples:

Gary Numan "Sacrifice" (Numa ©1994)
Gary Numan
"Scar" (Track 5)/Introduction:
MP3 demo

Sandra "Paintings In Yellow" (Virgin ©1990)
"Hiroshima" (Track 1)/Introduction:
MP3 demo
Queen "Innuendo" (EMI ©1991)
"I'm Going Slightly Mad" (Track 2)/Introduction:
MP3 demo
"Don't Try So Hard"
(Track 5) /
internal factory Program 00 "Universe" :
MP3 demo


Electric organ has been used a lot in the House/EuroDance productions from early 90's:

Double You "We All Need Love" (DWA ©1992)
Double You
"Please Don't Go" (Track 1)/Chorus riff:
MP3 demo

Hysteric Ego "Want Love" (WEA ©1996)
Hysteric Ego
Rythmic/melodic riff:
MP3 demo
 Jaydee "Plastic Dreams" (R&S Records ©1993)
Rythmic/melodic riff:
MP3 demo
Robin S "Show Me Love" (Big Beat ©1993)
Robin S
Rythmic/melodic riff:
MP3 demo
Tanya Louise "Deep In You" (FTR ©1995)
Tanya Louise
Rythmic/melodic riff:
MP3 demo
Crystal Waters "Surprise" (Mercury ©1991)
Crystal Waters
Rythmic/melodic riff from "Gypsy Woman" ("La da dee, la da da" - Track 1) song is an M1 electric organ sound, doubled in the middle part by an M1 piano:
MP3 demo


Here are a three examples using diverse M1 sounds:

Queen "Innuendo" (EMI ©1991)

"The Show Must Go On" (Track 12) /internal factory Combination 16 "Orchestra 2" :
MP3 demo

Seinfeld TV sitcom theme (1989)
The terrific slap bass sound used in this american TV sitcom is an M1 patch:
MP3 demo
Tasmin Archer "Great Expectations" (EMI ©1992)
Tasmin Archer
"Sleeping Satellite" (Track 1) top hit contains an M1 sampled loop as a background FX during the introduction and the 1st verse (panned on the right side):
MP3 demo
Many thanks to the internaute who kindly mentioned it to me!!

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