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Genesis "We Can't Dance" (Virgin ©1991 - 262 082)
Genesis "We Can't Dance"
Tony Banks used a lot the Korg WS on this album (jointly with a Roland JD-800 and an Ensoniq VFX). He also used these synths - among others - during the "The Way We Walk"  tour (he replaced the VFX by a SD-1). You can hear the  RAM3 21 "Analog Strings"  Performance as a soft pad during the "Fading Lights" (Track 12) song beginning:
MP3 demo

Middle part of this long progressive song includes a large synth solo when you can recognize the ROM 04 "Mini Lead"  slightly modified Performance:
MP3 demo

Michael Jackson "HIStory" (Epic ©1995 - EPC 474709 2)
Michael Jackson "HIStory"
According to a Steve Porcaro interview who programmed and played synths (Korg WS, Roland JV-1080, Yamaha SY99, Minimoog, Oberheim Matrix-12) on original songs from this Michael Jackson's double album, "Stranger In Moscow" (CD2 - Track 3) contain a background Korg WS wavesequence built by Steve:
MP3 demo
Dire Straits "On Every Street" (Vertigo ©1991 / 510 160-2)
Dire Straits "On Every Street"
You can clearly recognize a Korg WS wavesequence during the "Planet Of New Orleans" (Track 11) introduction, just after the wonderful Mark Knopfler's guitar solo. This wavesequence is played then during the whole song:
MP3 demo
George Duke "Illusions" (Warner Bros ©1995 / 9 45755-2)
George Duke "Illusions"
George Duke used a Korg WS - among other synths - for this album. You can for example hear it during the "Genesis" (Track 1) introduction (which is also the whole album introduction):
MP3 demo
Jesus Jones "Perverse" (Food ©1993 - 0777 7 80647 2 5)
Jesus Jones "Perverse"
This Rock british group used a Korg WS for this album. You can for example clearly recognize the  ROM 46 "RhythmOfTheWave" Performance during the musical break from "The Devil You Know" (Track 2) song (0'09''):
MP3 demo

Genesis "The Way We Walk - Volume Two: The Longs" (Virgin ©1993 - 0777 7 86635 22)
Genesis "The Way We Walk"
As mentioned above, Tony Banks included a Korg WS in his set during the "The Way We Walk" tour. There are several examples that we could mention here, but one of my prefered is the pad entry during the "Firth Of Fifth" Mike Rutherford's guitar solo from the "Old Medley" (Track 1) song. You can hear here all the Korg WS powerful when it is placed in a mix:
MP3 demo

Tangerine Dream "Rockoon" (Virgin ©1992 - 0777 7 88018 2)
Tangerine Dream "Rockoon"
Korg WS has been included into the synths set of this german group's album. You can for example hear a typical vector evolutive pad during the introduction of "Penguin Reference" (Track 8):
MP3 demo
Tommy Greer "Angel's Kiss" (Unison Music ©1998 - B00000E99C)
Angel's Kiss
A New Age CD good for meditation. Tommy Greer used a Korg WS on it. You can for example hear a typical Korg WS rythmic wavesequence during the "Vale Of Glendalough" (Track 6 / 0'05'') song:
MP3 demo

and a voicey wavesequence during the "Jacob's Ladder" (Track 10) song:

MP3 demo

Mike & The Mechanics "Beggar On A Beach Of Gold" (Virgin ©1995 / VJCP-25134)
Mike & The Mechanics
This album contains Korg WS SR sounds. Aerial, voicey, glassey or strings pads really all seem to come from this synth. Introduction from "Another Cup Of Coffee" (Track 2) includes a typical Korg WS rythmic wavesequence with additional percussive sound:
MP3 demo

Mo Boma "Jijimuge" (Extreme ©1992 - XCD 017)
Mo Boma
This duo constituted by a german and an icelandic musicians play an interesting Ethnic/New Age music. On this album , you can clearly recognize a Korg WS rythmic wavesequence background during all "Ah Bobé" (Track 2) song:
MP3 demo

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