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I'm still searching for the discontinued commercial D-50 soundbanks listed above. As you will see, there are several uncertainties about this material.
Any informations or - best of all - a sysex version of it are welcome!
By the way, if you own material or hold informations about products that are not mentioned here (or on my commercial soundbanks webpage), you can e-mail it to me.


Soft Sound is a german company (Berlin, owner: Manfred Regenberg) which became LETHOS-Production (Berlin, owner: Mirko Lüthge) during the 90's.
They produced two Roland JD-800 soundbanks (available on 3.5" floppy disks). I only got patchlists of it extracted from a 1995 LETHOS-Production catalog
(many thanks to Pete South for his contribution). A sysex version of it would be much appreciated!
 "Volume 1"Patchlist
 "Volume 2"Patchlist

Bobby cards


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