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This page includes a selection of the best or more interesting Yamaha DX7 YouTube demos. 
If you are the author of one or several of these demos and you do not agree that they appear here in my links list, please inform me and I'll retire it immediately!!


YouTube logo Video #1

Posted by coltoncraft23on 2008-11-10
Typical DX7 sounds cool demo.

YouTube logo Video #2 

Posted by brian880 on 2007-05-24
Sounds essentially programmed by the author.

YouTube logo Video #3 & Video #4
Posted by Space4Keys on 2009-01-19 & 21
Cool "jazzy color" demo.

YouTube logo Video #5 

Posted by lesingemonotone on 2007-11-09
Warm sounds (several pads!) demo.

YouTube logo Video #6 

Posted by artcoimbra on 2007-02-02
Brazilian pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano with a DX7 on stage.

YouTube logo Video #7 

Posted by lexus on 2007-10-27
Polish and foolish demo. Another DX7 use...

YouTube logo Video #8

Posted by SynthManiaDotCom on 2012-04-05
An internal factory preload patches demo.


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