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Bobby cards

Here is a repertory including actual and discontinued commercial soundbanks that I collected since over 30 years from ROM cartridges, floppy disks or books.
For each of them you'll find comments about company or sounddesigner and a detailed patchlist. Several of them also include image(s) from the original support.
This collection is not complete, if you have material that is not listed here, I would be largely interested in!


This page is organized in three sections:
1°/ ROM cartridges, extensions & floppy disks collection
2°/ Books collection
3°/ Missing soundbanks (I mean the material that I'm still searching for...)


Companies/distributers (alphabetical order):

AViC SoftBack In Time RecordsBarb & CoBIASBitec
C-LabData StoreDigital Music Corp.Dr. T'sEasy Sounds
FibelFID MidisoftwareGeerdesGrey Matter ResponseGreytsounds
IshibashiK.S.R.E.Key CliqueKid NeproLeister
Livewire AudioManyMIDIMediacraftMetra SoundMr. Magic
MSXMusicDataPA-DecoderPatchman MusicRec'Up
Rittor MusicSkyslipSound ArtSound ConnectionSound Source Unlimited
Sound SourcesSound VertriebSoundEngineSoundSations!Supermax

Sounddesigners/programmers (alphabetical order):

Boddy, IanBoruff, DavidBerkeley, DavidBristow, DavidCiani, Suzanne
Fernandez, MannyFukuda, YasuhikoKarmKrischker, PeterLeuenberger, Gary
Maass, HubertusMukaiya, MinoruMüller, FriedrichOtwell, MarshallPaich, David
Peer, ScottPorcaro, SteveRausch, Klaus-PeterRuss, MartinSakamoto, Ryuichi
Shreeve, MarkSpangler, ClarkTobenfeld, EmilTomlyn, BoTrinidad, Elson
Ubukata, NoritakaVerret, ScottWatts, Cosmo

Downloadable soundbanks are available in standard Sysex (*.syx - 4'104 bytes), SMF (*.mid) and Midi Quest© (*.vbk) file formats
Click here if you need some help or indications on how to transfer these soundbanks to your DX7/TX7

The japanese company produced and distributed two different series for its own synth:
a) a lot of four original cartridges named ROM#1-4
(2x32 patches - banks A/B). Volume 1 was generally delivered with the synth.
b) twelve cartridges delivered as the VRC-Series
(2x32 patches - banks A/B) which included selections from different sounddesigners.
 ROM#1 (A: "Master Group" - japanese and european preloaded bank/B: "Keyboard & Plucked Group")PatchlistImage
 ROM#2 (A: "Orchestral & Percussive Group"/B: "Synth, Complex & Effects Group")PatchlistImage
 ROM#3 (A: "Master Group" - american preloaded bank/B: "Keyboard & Plucked Group")PatchlistImage
 ROM#4 (A: "Orchestral & Percussive Group"/B: "Complex & Effects Group")PatchlistImage
 VRC-101 "Keyboard, Plucked & Tuned Percussion Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-102 "Wind Instrument Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-103 "Sustain Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-104 "Percussion Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-105 "Sound Effect Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-106 "Synthesizer Group" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-107 Special Selection "David Bristow" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-108 Special Selection "Gary Leuenberger" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-109 "Studio 64" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-110 Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-111 Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn II" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

 VRC-112 "Live 64" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist

SSU is an american society (Los Angeles) which developed complete sounds/samples libraries for a large collection of diverse synthesizers/samplers models.
Their products were distributed by Greytsounds™ (owner: Bob Grey) via their website since the mid 90's.
Sound Source Unlimited (SSU) was then renamed "Sound Source Interactive" (SSI).

Now, this website is offline since 2016. They seem to sell their products via their eBay store only.
There were at least a total of 5 double ROM cartridges (banks A/B) for the DX7 mkI, most of them programmed by Manny Fernandez.
I only succeeded in collecting volumes 3, 4 & 5 through the years.
I also know that SSU distributed a mega ROM cartridge including 8 soundbanks (certainly volumes 1-4).
Any informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of the missing soundbanks would be largely appreciated!

 0703R A: "Soundtrack" - B: "L/A Voices II" PatchlistImage
 0704R "Super L/A Voices" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 0705R "Stage & Studio" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist

PA-Decoder is a german company (Bielefeld) which produced 2 different DX7 mega ROM cartridges:
- "MONST-ROM" (16x32 - 512 patches). This cartridge was organized as a 4x4 categorized banks (A1-D4) that you could select with switches combinations.

- "HYPRA-ROM" (32x32 - 1'024 patches/very rare!). This cartridge was organized as a 8x4 banks (alpha/beta A1-D4) that you could select with switches combinations. It gathered all patches from MONST-ROM plus 16 new additional soundbanks.
 MONST-ROM (16 soundbanks)Patchlist
 HYPRA-ROM (32 soundbanks)Patchlist

Bo Tomlyn is an american musician who worked with famous artists during the 80's-90's (Prince, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Chicago,...) as keyboardist or synth programmer.
After the successful introduction of the DX series, Bo Tomlyn - along with Mike Malizola (Yamaha product manager) and Chuck Monte (owner of Dyno-My-Piano) -  founded Key Clique company (Studio City, California) which distributed the nine DX7 soundbanks listed above (almost all of them programmed by Bo).
It seems that Symphony company finally sold these cartridges under Key Clique license.
I also read in a mid 80's commercial publication that Bo Tomlyn programmed the following soundbanks: "Orchestral", "Studio", "Stereo", "Hard Rock", "Electro Techno", "New Wave", "Latin", "India", "Easy Listening", "Church" and "Country Western".
I never heard from it since and don't know if they were distributed by Key Clique, Symphony or another company.

Any additional informations or - best of all - a sysex version of it are welcome!
 "Top Forty" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Wedding Band" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Unique" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Sound EFX" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Analog 1" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Analog 2" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Standard Splits" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Rock Splits" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Best of the USA" (2 soundbanks)Patchlist

Leister is an american company (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania - owner: Frank Leister) which edited soundbanks for several 80's synths models.
They distributed a total of nine DX7 soundbanks.

I don't know if their DX7 soundbanks have specific names other than "Volumes A-I" as mentioned here.
Any additional informations about it are welcome!
 Volume APatchlist
 Volume BPatchlist
 Volume CPatchlist
 Volume DPatchlist
 Volume EPatchlist
 Volume FPatchlist
 Volume GPatchlist
 Volume HPatchlist
 Volume IPatchlist

AViC Soft (which belonged to Rittor Music) is a japanese society (Tokyo) which produced six DX7 ROM cartridges (banks A/B) programmed by famous japanese or american musicians/sounddesigners.
 KV-01 "Shofuku Part 1" (2 soundbanks - programmed by Y. Fukuda & N. Ubukata - also labeled "IR-01")PatchlistImage
 KV-02 "Shofuku Part 2" (2 soundbanks - programmed by Y. Fukuda & N. Ubukata - also labeled "IR-02")PatchlistImage
 KV-03 "Minoru Mukaiya" (2 soundbanks - programmed by Minoru Mukaiya)PatchlistImage
 KV-04 "Ryuichi Sakamoto" (2 soundbanks - programmed by Ryuichi Sakamoto)PatchlistImage
 KV-05 "TOTO" (2 soundbanks - programmed by David Paich & Steve Porcaro)  PatchlistImage
 KV-06 "Shofuku Gaiden" (2 soundbanks - programmed by Yasuhiko Fukuda & Noritaka Ubukata) PatchlistImage

Digital Music Corp. is an american society (Woodland Hills, California) which produced three DX7 ROM cartridges.
They also distributed RAM cartridges
(many thanks to Daniel Forró).
 "Volume 1"Patchlist
 "Volume 2"Patchlist
 "Volume 3"Patchlist

Kid Nepro is an american company (New York - owner: Steve Proto) which is developing products since 1984.
They distributed a mega 32 soundbanks (1'024 patches) collection for DX7 models sold on a 3.5" floppy disk.
 KNP 32 soundbanks Mega CollectionPatchlistImage

Ishibashi is a japanese company which seems to be at first a retail chain in Japan (around 15 stores - please, correct me if I'm wrong).
They produced at least three DX7 (banks A/B) ROM cards.
"Volume 1" ROM card has been distributed in Europe as the BIAS ROM card.

 "Sound ROM" (2 soundbanks - also known in Europe as the BIAS ROM)PatchlistImage
 "Sound ROM 2" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 "Sound ROM 3" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

MusicData is an american society (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) which produced at least 4 DX7 ROM cards. I collected three of them (soundbanks extracted from the Jack Deckard's collection - many thanks to Paul Deco for the additional informations).
I'm still searching for the one which seems to be their first volume named "General Library Series - Analog" .
Any additional informations or - best of all - a sysex version of it are welcome!
 "TV & Film" (programmed by Clark Spangler)PatchlistImage
 "Techno Studio/Live" (programmed by David Boruff)PatchlistImage
 "East Meets West" (programmed by Suzanne Ciani)PatchlistImage

Easy Sounds is a german society (Hamburg - owner: Peter Krischker) which distributes two special DX7 soundbanks collections via their website:
- "Best DX-Collection" (10 soundbanks):  a sort of "Best Of" compilation essentially exctracted from Yamaha VRC-Series ROM cards
- "Super DX-Collection" (9 soundbanks): a second compilation collection including an original soundbank ("Tekksyn")
Both collections are now sold together as the "Complete DX-Collection".
 "Best DX-Collection" (10 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Super DX-Collection" (9 soundbanks)Patchlist

Symphony is an american society (Salt Lake City, Utah) which essentially distributed Bo Tomlyn's products under Key Clique license.
They also produced a 4x32 patches (banks A-D) DX7 ROM cartridge named "Symphony 128 - ROM I" programmed by Cosmo Watts.
 They proposed too 128 patches RAM cartridges.

 "Symphony 128 - ROM I" (programmed by Cosmo Watts - 4 soundbanks) PatchlistImage

Livewire Audio is an american society (Oceanport, New Jersey) which produced a 2x32 patches (banks A/B) DX7 cartridge named "Super ROM".
 "Super ROM" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Elson is an american keyboardist who sells his own DX7 programmations as independant a few years ago via the Web.
E-mail him at elsongs@gmail.com if you want to get this soundbank for a $16.00 price.
 "Elsongs DX7a"Patchlist

Mediacraft is an english society (Cheltenham) which distributed a sixteen DX7 soundbanks set.

Several of these soundbanks were also included with an Atari editor named "DX Heaven" and distributed by Dr. T's (Bob Melvin/Emil Tobenfeld society).

 Mediacraft 16 soundbanks setPatchlist

Geerdes is a german company (Berlin) which is distributing now MIDIFiles songs.
They began in 1985 with synth soundbanks and editors for Atari or Commodore 64.
They produced a DX7 sixteen soundbanks megacard named "DX-ROM 512" in the late 80's.

 "DX-ROM 512" (16 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Syntech is an american company which distributed several DX7 products:
- a 10 soundbanks set which seems to have been extracted from the same file (I don't know if it was originally a ROM cartridge, a floppy disk, a software,...)
- a 64 patches ROM cartridge
(2x32/banks A&B) programmed and signed by Marshall Otwell
- blank RAM cartridges
 10 soundbanks setPatchlist
 "Marshall Otwell" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Metra Sound is a german company which produced a mega 32 soundbanks (1'032 patches) DX7 ROM cartridge named "Mega ROM".
Their products are now delivered by Sound Art website (Dahlenburg, Germany - owner: Roger Person).
 "Mega ROM" (32 soundbanks)PatchlistImageOrder it

Sound Vertrieb (which seems to be the same firm as Metra Sound) is a german society which distributed several DX7 ROM cartridges.
They also gathered their total production on a mega 16 soundbanks ROM cartridge  named "MX 1". I own one of these, but it seems that soundbanks 6-9 are defectuous. Any additional informations or - best of all - a sysex version of it are welcome!

 "MX 1" (16 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

SoundEngine is an american society (Bâton-Rouge, Louisiana) which is apparently selling now - among others - products developed in the past by Technosis company.
They are proposing two DX7 soundbanks: "Analog Feel" and "Ouch That Hurts!" (programmed by Scott Peer).

 SEP-008 "Analog Feel"PatchlistOrder it
 SEP-009 "Ouch That Hurts!"PatchlistOrder it

K.S.R.E. Music is a german company which distributed ROM/RAM cards for diverse synths.
They produced a mega 16 soundbanks DX7 cartridge named "Super ROM".

 "Super ROM" (16 soundbanks)Patchlist

MSX is a german society which seems to be at first a recording studio in Wittmund (owner: Georg Albrecht).
They produced seven DX7 cartridges.  
Most of their sounds are in fact the same ones as those contained in the PA-Decoder mega cartridges
Certainly this society did sell their copyrights to PA-Decoder. Any additional informations about it are welcome!

 Volume 1 PatchlistImage
 Volume 2 PatchlistImage
 Volume 3 PatchlistImage
 Volume 4 PatchlistImage
 Volume 5 PatchlistImage
 Volume 6 PatchlistImage
 Volume 7PatchlistImage

Synthware is an american company (Reading, Pennsylvania) which commercialized four DX7 ROM cards as the "Sound Pack" (or "Voice Pack") Series.
All have been programmed by Scott Verret, a sounddesigner who worked during the 80's with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Genesis,...
They have been distributed for a while these last years as sysex files via the Waterfall 440 Studio Music website
 Sound Pack 1 "State-of-the-Art Digitals" (programmed by Scott Verret  -  2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 Sound Pack 2 "Symphonic & Orchestral Group" (programmed by Scott Verret   -  2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 Sound Pack 3 "Contemporary and Modern Songs" (programmed by Scott Verret   -  2 soundbanks)Patchlist
 Sound Pack 4 "Hybrids, Analogs and Basses" (programmed by Scott Verret   -  2 soundbanks)Patchlist

This swiss website is still developing products for old vintage synths. They are proposing now nine DX7 original soundbanks as the "R" Series.
 Rdx7_01 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.1" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_02 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.2" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_03 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.3" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_04 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.4" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_05 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.5" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_06 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.6" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_07 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.7" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_08 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.8" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rdx7_09 "Best of FM Generation - Vol.9" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it

Patchman Music is an american company (Brecksville, Ohio - owner: Matt Traum) which is distributing three DX7 soundbanks via their website.
Volume three is integrally programmed for a breath or wind controller use.

 Volume 1PatchlistOrder it
 Volume 2PatchlistOrder it
 Volume 3PatchlistOrder it

Rittor Music is a japanese company (Tokyo) which distributed ROM cards and also edited interesting books about synthesis.
They sold the
AViC  DX7 cartridges.
They also produced a cartridge named "Shinzui" (Sound Data Series Vol.1) and labelized "KB Special Data Cartridge/VD64-7CRTI "
 Sound Data Series Vol.1 "Shinzui" (2 soundbanks) PatchlistImage

Sound Connection is an american society (Palo Alto, California) which distributed a 4 soundbanks DX7 ROM cartridge .
 Sound Connection (4 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Sound Sources - not to confuse with Sound Source Unlimited - is an american company (Tualatin, Oregon) which distributed several types of DX7 cartridges:
- 2 types of RAM (32 or 128 patches)
- 1 type of ROM (128 patches)
- combined RAM (64 patches)/ROM (64 patches)
The 128 ROM cartridge I got is defectuous and patches 2-5 from bank A are not readable. Any informations or - best of all -
a sysex version of it are welcome!
 Sound Sources ROM 128 (4 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Bitec is a japanese society which produced three DX7 ROM cards as the Sound DataX 64 Series.
 Sound DataX 64 "Volume 1" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 Sound DataX 64 "Volume 2" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 Sound DataX 64 "Volume 3" (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

FID Midisoftware is a german society (owner: Friedrich Müller) which developed a DX7 software named "DX-Soundstore" for Commodore 64 computers during the 80's.
They joined with it three sets of 39 soundbanks each (total: 3'744 patches) on 5.25" floppy disks.
VERY BIG THANKS to Daniel Forró who carefully converted and repaired all of it!
 "Sounddisk #1" (39 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Sounddisk #2" (39 soundbanks)Patchlist
 "Sounddisk #3" (39 soundbanks)Patchlist

Data Store is a german society (Bremen) developed by Hubertus Maass. They produced a total of six DX7 soundbanks.
(Many thanks to Daniel Forró for his contribution).
 "Volume 1"Patchlist
 "Volume 2"Patchlist
 "Volume 3"Patchlist
 "Volume 4"Patchlist
 "Volume 5"Patchlist
 "Volume S"Patchlist

Here are two DX7 soundbanks signed by Hubertus but which seem not to have been distributed by his society Data Store (please, correct me if I'm wrong).
 "Volume 1" Patchlist
 "Volume 2" Patchlist

Skyslip is an american society which produced a ROM cartridges system developed by Martin Russ (the DX Owners' Club's DX7 Xpert) in 1985.
It consisted of a single ROM cartridge unit that you plug into the DX7 slot.
Then, you can clip on it different chips which are in fact additional ROMs. This society developed a total of 5 ROMs (64 patches each - banks A/B).

Most of these sounds have been programmed by Martin and synthesist/programmer Ian Boddy, but there are also contributions from Mark Shreeve, David Berkeley and members of the DX Owners' Club.
 ROM 1 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 ROM 2 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 ROM 3 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 ROM 4 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage
 ROM 5 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Back In Time Records is a german society (Wiesbaden - owner: Klaus-Peter Rausch) which is distributing via the Web soundbanks for hardware or virtual synths and samples collections.
They edited in the past (1985) a DX7 book named "Die DX7 Fibel"
(written in german by Klaus-Peter Rausch).
They are proposing it again via their website with 2 DX7 soundbanks set (soundbanks are delivered via e-mail, book by postmail).
 Mr. Magic "Silver Pieces" set (2 soundbanks - programmed by K.-P. Rausch)PatchlistOrder it
 "Fibel" set (2 soundbanks - programmed by K.-P. Rausch)PatchlistOrder it

C-Lab is a german company (Rellingen) which is now renamed Emagic. They developed in the past the famous Atari "Notator" program.
They edited two DX7 preloaded RAM cartridges as the "X-RAM 128" series (4 soundbanks each).
Volume 1 is named "Performance Collection" (many thanks to Daniel Forró) and volume 2 is named "Recording Collection".
This last one is still missing to my collection.
Any informations or - best of all - a sysex version of it are welcome!
 X-RAM 128 1 "Performance Collection" (4 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Barb & Co is a french society (Mésanger - owner: Stéphane Garganigo) which is developing products for several synthesizers.
They recently produced an original two DX7 soundbanks set named "Neptune-X7" available as sysex file via their website.
 Neptune-X7 (2 soundbanks)PatchlistOrder It

SUPERMAX is a DX7 expansion board originally developed by french engineer Dan Armandy and commercialized by Dan and Alain Seghir.
This card included an expansion memory (512 patches - 16x32 patches), an arpeggiator, a chorus-delay section, sound creation functions,....
They also included with it two original soundbanks.
It is now sold via the web as the SuperMAX+ by the american society Music Technologies Group (California).
 SUPERMAX (2 soundbanks)PatchlistImage

Grey Matter Response is an american company (Scotts Valley, California).
They produced and distributed an internal extension board named E! Card which enhanced DX7 mkI models.
It added extra memories (576 internal patches), patch mapping, bi-timbrality, layering, LED brightness,...
They delivered it with a seven 3.5" floppy disks set including soundbanks.
 E! Card disk#1PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#2PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#3PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#4PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#5PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#6PatchlistImage
 E! Card disk#7PatchlistImage

SoundSations! is an american company which is proposing a hundred and fifteen DX7 soundbanks set on floppy disks.
The best way to obtain it, is to keep an eye on eBay US auctions.

 SoundSations! 115 soundbanks setPatchlist

ManyMIDI is an american society (Beverly Hills, California - owner: Elmo Peeler) which developed huge sound libraries for several synth models.
 Their DX7/TX7 library is constitued of two sets for a total of 6'225 patches.
All are organized in specific categories  (Pianos, Brass, Strings, Organ, Bells, Marimbas,...).

 ManyMIDI DX7/TX7 Set#1 - General (All except Perc/FX)  --  (140 soundbanks - 4'009 patches)PatchlistOrder it
 ManyMIDI DX7/TX7 Set#2 - Percussion/FX (80 soundbanks - 2'216 patches)PatchlistOrder it

Since a long time I wonder what could be the exact origin from this strange DX7 green mint reversible ROM cartridge listed on this webpoage and named "L.A. Standard".
A few weeks ago, I found three DX7 cartridges with identical design (only colors change - see pictures below). And I had the surprise to see that these ROM cartridges contained commercial soundbanks distributed by AViC and Yamaha (see desription below).
So, I may think that these cartridges are in fact illegal copies from other commercial material.
Now, here is the question: from which soundbank was this "L.A. Standard" cartridge duplicated? Could it be the Volume 1 or 2 distributed by SSU?
Any precisions or additional informations about it are welcome!
 Green mint "L.A. Standard" cartridgePatchlistImage
 Green apple cartridge (duplicate from Yamaha VRC-107 Special Selection "David Bristow")PatchlistImage
 White & Red cartridge (duplicate from AViC KV-01 "Shofuku Part 1")PatchlistImage
 White & Blue cartridge (duplicate from AViC KV-02 "Shofuku Part 2")PatchlistImage


Books/publications (alphabetical order):
A. Cassagnau "Maîtrisez votre DX Yamaha"Amsco "100 Patches for the DX7" (vol. 1-4)Amsco "600 Voices for the DX7"
The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book (vol.1-5)Hal Leonard "Easy DX7"Rittor "Voice Data 128"
"Sounds & Notes"Valhala "DX7 Sound Patch Library"Y. Fukuda "DX7"

AMSCO "100  PATCHES FOR THE DX7" (Vol.1-4)
Amsco is an american editor (New York) which distributed 4 different books with patches for the DX7.
Each one gathered 100 original sounds to program
 "100 Patches for the DX7" - Book OnePatchlistImage
 "100 Patches for the DX7" - Book TwoPatchlistImage
 "100 Patches for the DX7" - Book Three PatchlistImage
 "100 Patches for the DX7" - Book Four PatchlistImage

Here is the famous "600 Voices for the DX7" book distributed by Amsco (USA) for the english version and Paul Beuscher (France, Paris) for the french version.
 "600 Voices for the DX7"PatchlistImage

A japanese book called "DX7 Series Voice Data 128 Vol.1" (Ed. Rittor - 1987) gathering replicas from patches used by famous groups or artists on their respective songs (some of them are certainly the original ones).
 "DX7 Series Voice Data 128 Vol.1"Patchlist

Yasuhiko Fukuda is a japanese sounddesigner who programmed commercial DX7 sounds for AViC company.
He also published an english book named "Yamaha DX7" (Ed. Rittor-1984) about DX7 programmation and functions.
This book - a reference! - contains 16 original new sounds to program.

 Yasuhiko Fukuda "DX7"Patchlist

A 757 voices book by Steven C. Streebing named "DX7 Sound Patch Library" and published by american society Valhala (Ferndale, Michigan).
These sounds were originally distributed during mid 80's on TX7 data cassettes tape.
 "DX7 Sound Patch Library"PatchlistImage

A very good book about DX7 programming
, considered as a "must" by french-speaking musicians or sounddesigners.
This book included 20 new original great patches (many of them programmed by the author).
Some good news today because a new online edition is available here:


 Alain Cassagnau "Maîtrisez votre DX" (Musicom Publications-1985) PatchlistImage

An obscur origin book in german which contains 33 sounds to program with physical acoustic phenomens and FM synthesis explanations.
 "Sounds & Notes"PatchlistImage

A joint publication of Yamaha Music Foundation and american society Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (1986 - Winona, Minnesota) about DX7 functions and programmation with 20 original sounds.
 Hal Leonard "Easy DX7"PatchlistImage

A total of 5 different books published by american society Alexander Publishing (Sepulveda, California) and which gather each 32 new original patches to program.
They were edited as separated booklets (see images from volumes 1-3) and also as a complete book gathering volumes 1-5 (see images from volumes 4&5).
It includes notes and comments from the authors or sounddesigners.
 The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume One: Top 40" (Lorenz Rychner & Scott Frankfurt - also known as the "Rock DX7")PatchlistImage
 The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume Two: From The Movies" (Clark Spangler)PatchlistImage
 The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume Three: More From The Movies" (Larry Steelman)PatchlistImage
 The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume Four: Record Date" (Jeff Fair)PatchlistImage
 The Original DX7 Patch Fake Book "Volume Five: Nuclear Be-Bop" (Cosmo Watts)

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