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Yamaha DX7 was one of the most used synth during the mid 80's. Trying to make a complete list would be fastidious and nearly impossible.
So, here are only a few examples. Keep in mind that thousands of others are ignored here...

Al Jarreau "High Crime"

Al Jarreau "High Crime"

Chicago "17" (Warner Bros ©1984)
Chicago "17"
"Hard Habit To Break" (Track 3)/Introduction + first verse:
MP3 demo

Luther Vandross "The Best Of Love" (Epic ©1989)

Luther Vandross
"Here And Now" (Track 20)/Introduction + first verse:
MP3 demo

Billy Ocean "Love Zone" (Jive ©1986)

Billy Ocean "Love Zone"
"There'll Be Sad Songs" (Track 4)/Introduction + first verse:
MP3 demo 

"It's Never Too Late " (Track 8)/Introduction (also contains other additional FM sounds and a Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer):
MP3 demo 

Glenn Medeiros (Amherst Records ©1988)

Glenn Medeiros
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" (Track 1)/Introduction + first verse:
MP3 demo

Phil Collins "No Jacket Required" (WEA ©1985)

Phil Collins
"One More Night" (Track 5)/Introduction + first verse:
MP3 demo

Simply Red "Picture Book" (Elektra Records ©1985)

Simply Red
"Jericho" (Track 5)/Whole song chords comping:
MP3 demo

Alexander O'Neal "Hearsay" (Tabu ©1986)

Alexander O'Neal
"Never Knew Love Like This" (Track 8)/Introduction:
MP3 demo

DX7 was also used a lot during the 80's for his digital metallic, punchy or slappy bass sounds. Here are a few examples:

A-Ha "Hunting High And Low" (Warner Bros ©1985)
A-Ha "Hunting High And Low"
Magne Furuholmen - who played keyboards in this norvegian pop group - largely used the DX7 (jointly with a Prophet 5 if I remember well) on this album.  One of the most known example is the factory patch 15 "BASS 1"  that appears during the introduction (bar #9/0:11) of "Take On Me" (Track 1) top hit. A slight chorus FX seems to have been added:
MP3 demo

Howard Jones "Human's Lib" (WEA/Elektra ©1984)

Howard Jones "Human's Lib"
Another use of the internal factory patch 15 "BASS 1"  is on the Howard Jones british top hit "What Is Love" (Track 2). Both bells sounds from the introduction (0'04'' and 00'14") are also played with DX7:
MP3 demo

Sandra "The Long Play" (Virgin ©1985)
Sandra "The Long Play"
Always about this internal factory patch 15 "BASS 1" , Sandra's composer and producer Michael Cretu used it on the european top hit "Maria Magdalena" (Track 5):
MP3 demo

Michael Jackson "Bad" (Epic ©1987)
Michael Jackson "Bad"
I already mentioned this Michael's album on Roland D-50 examples page. They also used a DX7. Here is an example with the groovy punchy digital bass used during the whole "Another Part Of Me" song (Track 6):
MP3 demo

Tears For Fears "Songs From The Big Chair" (Mercury ©1985)

Tears For Fears
Another great example of DX7 digital bass is in the TFF new wave/pop top hit "Shout" (Track 1):
MP3 demo

Depeche Mode "Some Great Reward" (Mute Records ©1984)

Depeche Mode
First DM international top hit "People Are People" (Track 3) contains a DX7 bass line. I may suppose that the metallic sound used for the melodic response during the introduction is an FM synthesis sound too:
MP3 demo

Jean-Jacques Goldman "Non Homologué" (Avrep ©1985)

Jean-Jacques Goldman
This very popular french singer/composer used a lot the DX7 in studio and on stage during the 80's. Here's a great punchy slappy bass sound on the "Je Marche Seul" (Track 10) song:
MP3 demo

Samantha Fox "Touch Me" (Jive ©1987)

Samantha Fox
Another example extracted from the "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" (Track 6) top dance hit from Samantha Fox and combining two different DX7 bass sounds:
MP3 demo

Philippe Cataldo "Les Divas du Dancing" (Flamophone ©1986)

Philippe Cataldo
This "one top hit only" french singer used the DX7 slappy bass sound as an interesting rythmic comping line:
MP3 demo

S.O.S. Band "Sands Of Time" (Tabu ©1986)
SOS Band

The "Even When You Sleep" (Track 1) song from this american Urban Funk group includes a typical DX7 bass patch:
MP3 demo

Berlin "Count Three And Pray" (Columbia Records ©1986)

The "Take My Breath Away" (Track 5 - from the "Top Gun" soundtrack) bass sound is a DX7 Fretless patch:
MP3 demo

Commodores "Nightshift" (Motown ©1985)
The "Nightshift" (Track 2 - dedicated to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson) bass sound is also a DX7 Fretless patch:
MP3 demo

Wham! "Make It Big" (Epic ©1984)
The "Everything She Wants" (Track 2) bass sound is DX7 analog synbass emulation:
MP3 demo

Jacksons "Victory" (Epic ©1984)
The "Torture" (Track 1) bass sound is a typical DX7 bass sound:
MP3 demo

Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" (Columbia ©1986)
Kenny Loggins
Another song extracted from "Top Gun" film which includes a digital punchy DX7 bass:
MP3 demo

Here are a few examples using the famous DX7 percussive keys (clavinet, marimba, celesta,...):

Level 42 "Running In The Family" (Polydor ©1987)
Level 42
Mike Lindup (Level 42's synth player) used a lot the DX7 (jointly with a Prophet 5 and E-MU Emulators) during the mid 80's. Here is the "To Be With You Again" (Track 5) introduction where you can recognize a typical chorused rich FM metallic synclav :
MP3 demo

net Jackson "Control" (A&M ©1986)
Janet Jackson "Control"
Here is a use of the famous "vibe/marimba" DX7 sound as rythmic background during the "When I Think Of You" (Track 6) introduction (bass line was also played by a DX7):
MP3 demo

Jermaine Stewart "Frantic Romantic" (Arista ©1986)
Jermaine Stewart
Here is a use of a belly piano DX7 sound as melodic background during the "Whe Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" (Track 1) introduction:
MP3 demo

Niagara "Encore Un Dernier Baiser" (Polydor ©1986)

Here is another DX7 "marimba/xylo" use during the "Tchiki Boum" (Track 5) introduction from pop french group Niagara. I also think that short brass hits you can hear are FM sounds:
MP3 demo 

Sting "The Dream Of The Blue Turtles" (A&M ©1985)

Here is another DX7 "marimba/xylo" use during the "Love Is The Seventh Wave" (Track 2) song:
MP3 demo

Michel Polnareff "Kâmâ Sutrâ" (Epic ©1990)

Michel Polnareff
One of the most terrific DX7 synth sound is a sort of hybrid clavinet/electric guitar with bright metallic character and punchy attack (it seems to me that it was originally named "PLUCK 13" or something like that). You can hear a good demonstration of this groovy sound during the introduction (bar #9/0:10) of french singer Michel Polnareff "Toi Et Moi"(Track 3) song:
MP3 demo 

Harold Faltermeyer "Axel F" (MCA Records ©1984)

Axel F
DX7 marimbas appear in this "Beverly Hills Cop" famous theme. You can also hear a LinnDrum rythmic programmation and a Moog Modular synth bass:
MP3 demo 

Tangerine Dream "Underwater Sunlight" (Jive Records ©1986)

A variation of the sound I mentioned in the Michel Polnareff example has been largely used in this TD album (with a longer release and sometimes doubled with an analog pad). Here is an example with the "Ride On The Ray" (Track 4) song. At the end, you can also recognize a sequenced line played with a DX7 slap bass:
MP3 demo 

Michel Jonasz "En Concert Au Palais des Sports de Paris" (EMI France ©1985)

Michel Jonasz
This Michel Jonasz live album contains a variation of the famous punchy digital synclav I mentioned just above. Jean-Yves d'Angelo (Michel's keyboard player on stage) used it for the "Y'A Rien Qui Dure Toujours" (Track 1) introduction:
MP3 demo



Here are a several examples using diverse DX7 sounds:

Serge Gainsbourg "You're Under Arrest" (Phonogram ©1987)
Serge Gainsbourg
Serge Gainsbourg used a lot the DX7 on this electro-funk album dedicated to a young lady named Samantha. The best example is during the "Mon Légionnaire" beginning (Track 10) where you can hear a bass sound (introduction) and an electric piano (verse - listen well to the subtle harmonic progression!):
MP3 demo 

Mory Kante "Akwaba Beach" (Barclay ©1987)

Mory Kanté
The "Ye Ke Ye Ke" (Track 1) top hit includes DX7 african mallets, electric slap bass and electric pianos (with an interesting unusual pitch bend variation!) sounds:
MP3 demo

Tina Turner "Private Dancer" (Capitol ©1984)

Tina Turner
The "What's Love Got To Do With It" (Track 2) song is a veritable DX7 sounds demonstration. You can for example recognize the flute sounds just before the chorus, the harmonica solo sound and the subtle electric piano background:
MP3 demo

"Running Scared" soundtrack by Rudi Harpaz & Rod Temperton (RCA Records ©1986)

Running Scared
This Peter Hyams film included a song sang by Michael McDonald and named "Sweet Freedom". In this song, you can clearly recognize the typical DX7 marimbas during the introduction/verse and the internal factory 14 "HARMONICA1" patch during the solo part:
MP3 demo

Queen "A Kind Of Magic" (EMI ©1986)

Queen uses the DX7 on nearly all the songs from this album. For example, you can hear a DX7 staccato strings patch during the introduction from "One Vision" (Track 1) :
MP3 demo

George Michael "Faith" (Sony Music ©1987)

George Michael
"Hard Day" song (Track 5) from this George's album contains a DX7 bassline and soft rythmic clavinet sounds:
MP3 demo

The Cure "Head On The Door" (Fiction Records ©1985)
The Cure
The Cure uses a lot the DX7 on this album. "Kyoto Song" (Track 2) includes a FM japanese koto patch:
MP3 demo

Enya "Enya" (BBC ©1987)

This is the first album from this irish artist. DX7 was largely used on it. For example, you can hear the "Tubular Bells" patch during "The Celts" (Track 1) introduction:
MP3 demo

Men At Work "Two Hearts" (Columbia ©1985)

Men At Work
This autralian band used a DX7 on its third album. The brass melodic sound which appears in the verses and the harmonica sound you can hear at the end from "Still Life" (Track 10) are FM synthesis sounds:
MP3 demo

Kate Bush "Hounds Of Love" (EMI ©1985)

Hounds Of Love
This Kate Bush album uses the  internal factory 26 "TUB BELLS"  patch as background arpeggios during the guitar riff from the song "Waking The Witch" (Track 8):
MP3 demo
Many thanks to the internaute who kindly mentioned it to me !

Bronski Beat "The Age Of Consent" (London Records ©1984)

Bronski Beat
The "Smalltown Boy" top hit (Track 6) contains a DX7 harp sound:
MP3 demo

Daryl Hall & John Oates"Big Bam Boom" (RCA ©1984)

Hall & Oates
The "Out Of Touch" (Track 2) bass and bells sounds are DX7 patches:
MP3 demo

Dead Or Alive"Youthquake" (Epic ©1985)

Dead Or Alive
The "You Spin Me Round" (Track 1) bass and synthetic organ sounds are DX7 patches:
MP3 demo

Laura Branigan "Self Control" (Atlantic ©1984)

Laura Branigan
The "Self Control" (Track 2) bells sound is a DX7 patch:
MP3 demo

Baltimora "Tarzan Boy" (Columbia/EMI Records ©1985)

This italo dance top hit used DX7 sounds for the whole song bassline and the verses brass sound:
MP3 demo

Lionel Richie "Dancing On The Ceiling" (Motown ©1986)

Lionel Richie
Top hit slow "Say You, Say Me" (Track 8) includes several DX7 sounds such as the high bells during the intro, the Fretless bass sound which appears at the 1st verse and the I suppose the piano chords sound too (but this last one must still be confirmed) :
MP3 demo


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