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There are tons of great patches available for the DX7!


A L L   T H E   W E B   P A T C H E S   C O L L E C T I O N
I gathered here in a zipped (*.zip) folder hundreds of DX7 soundbanks (sysex format only) that I gleaned through the years by surfing on the Net.
Sorry, I did not sort it out, you'll certainly find several duplicates in it. But you'll also have access to hundreds of sounds to "feed" your favorite synth.
As I downloaded all these soundbanks for free in the past, I may consider it as public domain material. Now, if you are the owner of one or several of these soundbanks and you do not agree that they are available on this page, please inform me via e-mail, and I'll retire it immediately.

Click here if you need some help or indications on how to transfer these soundbanks to your DX7 !!

UPDATED ON 2012-05-09 WITH TWO NEW FOLDERS: "LiVeMuSiC" (185 soundbanks) & "Midway" (37 patches)

If you also want to share your personal creations, do not hesitate to send it to me via e-mail, and I'll post it here.
All patches published on this page become automatically free public domain material. 
Do not send commercial or copyrighted sounds but only personal programmations that you agree to share with others. Thanks!

P A T C H E S   F R O M   O L D   I S S U E S
A collection of DX7 patches have also been published in diverse old late 80's specialized issues.
I programmed them manually and compiled it in sysex soundbanks.
Here is the complete collection (84 patches) published in the "Keyboards Magazine" french version issue during the 1987-97 years. They are all readers' creations.


Here is  a 5 soundbanks set which gathered sounds published in the "Guitares & Claviers" french issue during the late 80's-early 90's. They are all readers' creations. Many thanks to Jelowh who carefully programmed all of it!



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