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Bobby cards

Here is a repertory including actual and discontinued commercial soundbanks that I collected since nearly 30 years from ROM cartridges, floppy disks or books.
For each of them you'll find comments about company or sounddesigner and a detailed patchlist. Several of them also include image(s) from the original support.
This collection is not complete, if you have material that is not listed here, I would be largely interested in.


This page is organized in three sections:
1°/ ROM cartridges, extensions & floppy disks collection
2°/ Books collection
3°/ Missing soundbanks (I mean the material that I'm still searching for...)


Companies/distributers (alphabetical order):

ARKBeachtown SoundsCL-ProjectsCesium SoundCrim Media Projekt
Digital Music Soft WareDr. T'sEar 2 EarEltekonEMC
Eye & I ProductionsGeerdesGreytsoundsHit MusicK.S.R.E. Music 
Kid NeproLeisterMaartistsManyMIDIMediacraft
Metra SoundMIDI MusicMIDImouse MusicMig MusicMKM Productions
MOSAICMusic SolutionsMusicians TechMusitronicsNanomaalia
New Man StudiosPA-DecoderPatch ProPatch/WorksPro-Rec
Rec'UpRittor MusicRolandSardonic SoundsSound Art
Sound Source UnlimitedSound SupportSounds OKSoundEngineSoundSations!
SurpriseSynthwareTechnosisUltreen MIDI LabsUnknown
ValhalaVertigoVoice CrystalXTrem Sound

Sounddesigners/programmers (alphabetical order):
Bull, SimonChristensen, RoaldDierickx, FranckFernandez, MannyGodijn, Sven
Gorges, PeterHotop, MichaelJoergenson, MarcJohnson, CarlKarm
Longo, NickLuthman, NiclasMaass, HubertusNaton, Paul
Peake, Mike
Peer, ScottPigeon, StéphaneReynolds, JamesRozmarniewicz, Rich
Rushbury, Mark
Säde, AntsSimpson, GregoryStockhausen, SimonStojanovic, VukanTomlyn, Bo
Verret, ScottWeaver, JedWessling, Hartmut

Downloadable soundbanks are available in standard Sysex (*.syx - 36'048 bytes), SMF (*.mid) and Midi Quest© (*.bnk) file formats
Click here if you need some help or indications on how to transfer these soundbanks to your D-50/D-550

The japanese company produced and distributed 5 ROM cards (PN-D50-00 to PN-D50-04) for his own synth.
PN-D50-00 ROM card is in fact the internal factory preload bank.

They also edited a special 64 patches limited ROM card named "Best Choice"  (known in Japan as the "Special Selected" Sound Library).
 PN-D50-00 (Internal factory preload soundbank)PatchlistImage
 PN-D50-01 "Sustain Group" - includes 16 new reverbs (17-32)PatchlistImage
 PN-D50-02 "Decay Group" - includes 16 new reverbs (17-32)PatchlistImage
 PN-D50-03 "Sustain Group II" - includes 16 new reverbs (17-32)PatchlistImage
 PN-D50-04 "Decay & S.E. Group II" - includes 16 new reverbs (17-32)PatchlistImage
 "Best Choice" Sound Library (also known in Japan as the "Special Selected" Sound Library)PatchlistImage

SSU is an american society (Los Angeles) which developed complete sounds/samples libraries for a large collection of diverse synthesizers/samplers models.
Their products were distributed by Greytsounds™ (owner: Bob Grey) via their website since the mid 90's.
Sound Source Unlimited (SSU) was then renamed "Sound Source Interactive" (SSI).

Now, this website is offline since 2016. They seem to sell their products via their eBay store only.
There were a total of 10 ROM cards for the D-50, most of them programmed by Manny Fernandez.
Volume 4 (D504R) "FM Radio" was also distributed by Music Solutions - under SSU license - as the "House Band" ROM card (
this last one was labeled "D505R" - which could explain that SSU collection doesn't finally include a "volume 5"...)
Any informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of it would be much appreciated!

 D501R "TV/Film"PatchlistImage
 D502R "Power Synths"PatchlistImage
 D503R "Dance Mix"PatchlistImage
 D504R "FM Radio" (also known as the  Music Solutions D505R "House Band" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 D506R "Producer Series"PatchlistImage
 D507R "Artist Series"PatchlistImage
 D508R "Super R&B"PatchlistImage
 D509R "Atmospheric Textures & FX" PatchlistImage
 D510R "Country/Acoustic Folk"PatchlistImage


PA-Decoder is a german company (Bielefeld) which produced D-50 ROM cards with an original and exclusive particularity: their models were reversible dual sided and contained 128 patches (64 on each side).  So, they edited 6 banks for a total of 3 available ROM cards.
By the way, they also produced an expansion board card which included 8 additional internal soundbanks.
Any informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of it would be much appreciated!
 Volume I (sides 1&2)PatchlistPatchlist
 Volume II (sides 1&2)PatchlistPatchlist
 Volume III (sides 1&2)PatchlistPatchlist

Bo Tomlyn is an american musician who worked with famous artists during the 80's-90's (Prince, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Chicago,...) as keyboardist or sounddesigner. He also programmed diverse synths models and commercialized his work.
As far as I know, he edited four D-50 soundbanks: "PRO-Series" (volumes I-III) and the "Top Forty" ROM card (distributed in Japan by Rittor Music).
 Top Forty (known in Japan as the KV-502 "Top 40" soundbank distributed by Rittor Music)Patchlist

Leister is an american company (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania - owner: Frank Leister) which edited soundbanks for several 80's synths models.
They produced a total of 6 Roland D-50 soundbanks.
I don't know if their D-50 soundbanks have specific names other than "Volumes 1-6" as mentioned here. Any additional informations about it are welcome!
 Volume 1Patchlist
 Volume 2Patchlist
 Volume 3Patchlist
 Volume 4Patchlist
 Volume 5Patchlist
 Volume 6Patchlist

Michael Hotop is a german sounddesigner (Osnabrück) who programmed and sold soundbanks for several synths during the 80's-90's.
Most of his sets have been distributed in Japan by diverse companies (ARK, Rittor Music, Digital Music Soft Ware). He produced a total of 8 different ROM cards for the D-50.
 SoundSet 1 "First Time" (known in Japan as the ARK/Source "HotopSounds Vol.7" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 SoundSet 2 "Pop Edition"  (known in Japan as the ARK/Source "HotopSounds Vol.5" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 SoundSet 3 "Power Set"  (known in Japan as the ARK/Source "HotopSounds Vol.6" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 SoundSet 4 "Live 1" (known as the Digital Music Soft Ware/Source "Live Sound Vol.1"  - known as the MIDIMusic "Japan") Patchlist
 SoundSet 5 "Studio 1"  (known in Japan as the Digital Music Soft Ware/Source "Studio Sound Vol. 2")Patchlist
 SoundSet 6 "Live 2" (known in Japan as the Digital Music Soft Ware/Source "Live Sound Vol.3" soundbank) Patchlist
 SoundSet 7 "Studio 2" (known in Japan as the Digital Music Soft Ware/Source "Studio Sound Vol.4" soundbank) Patchlist
 SoundSet 8 "Special Collection" (known as the Rittor Music KV-501 "D-50 Special Collection Vol.1") Patchlist

Valhala is a well-known american company (Ferndale, Michigan) which unfortunately went bankrupt on the early 90's.
They edited three different Roland D-50 ROM cards Series: "Studio Series", "International Gold Series" and "ORGANizer Series".
"Studio Series" commonly gathered 7 ROM cards.
"International Gold" and "ORGANizer" Series gathered 4 ROM cards each. "International Gold" Series sounds were developed by HIT MUSIC, Inc.
"ORGANizer Series" ROM cards are dedicated to organ sounds only.

 Studio Series "PCM"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "Top 40"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "Digital"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "New Age"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "Analog"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "Effects"PatchlistImage
 Studio Series "Orchestral"PatchlistImage
 International Gold Series "D-501" (Mix#1: Wide-ranging Techno-Pop/House)PatchlistImage
 International Gold Series "D-502" (Mix#2: Sustain, Pads, Spectrum sounds)PatchlistImage
 International Gold Series "D-503" (Mix#3: British Influenced, Tech-Pop)PatchlistImage
 International Gold Series "D-504" (Mix#4: Keys, Pads & Analogs)PatchlistImage
 ORGANizer Series "Classic I"PatchlistImage
 ORGANizer Series "Classic II"PatchlistImage
 ORGANizer Series "Theater"PatchlistImage
 ORGANizer Series "Screamin' B3"PatchlistImage

Kid Nepro is an american company (New York - owner: Steve Proto) which is developing products since 1984.
They edited three D-50 ROM cards in the past, but only volumes 1 & 2 are still available.
Any informations or - best of all - a sysex version of this mysterious sold out Volume 3 would be much appreciated!
 Patch King Mix Vol.1 "Organs/Brass/Basses/Synths"Patchlist
 Patch King Mix Vol.2 "Pianos/Synths/Effects"Patchlist

Mig Music is an english society (Carshalton) which is rather proposing soundbanks for virtual synths.
Now, they programmed two D-50 soundbanks and sold it for a short while, downloadable as sysex files.

 Volume 1Patchlist
 Volume 2Patchlist

DMSW is a japanese company which seems to be the continuation of ARK society.
They essentially distributed in Asia D-50 soundbanks from german top sounddesigner Michael Hotop.
All are labeled "Source" with a specific logo on it.
The four ones mentioned here are in fact duplicates of SoundSets 4, 5, 6 & 7 from Michael's collection.
Any informations (or sysex versions) about other volumes from this collection are welcome!

 Source "Live Sound Vol.1" (known as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 4 "Live 1" - known as the MIDIMusic "Japan")PatchlistImage
 Source "Live Sound Vol.3" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 7 "Studio 2" soundbank) PatchlistImage
 Source "Studio Sound Vol.2" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 6 "Live 2" soundbank) PatchlistImage
 Source "Studio Sound Vol.4" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 5 "Studio 1" soundbank) PatchlistImage

ARK is a japanese society which previously sold Digital Music Soft Ware products. Here are other duplicated D-50 soundbanks from Michael Hotop's collection.
Any informations (or sysex versions) about other volumes from this collection are welcome!

 Source "HotopSounds Vol.5" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 2 "Pop Edition" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 Source "HotopSounds Vol.6" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 3 "Power Set" soundbank)PatchlistImage
 Source "HotopSounds Vol.7" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 1 "First Time" soundbank)PatchlistImage

Rittor Music is a japanese company (Tokyo) which distributed ROM cards and also edited interesting books about synthesis.
As far as I know, they produced two D-50 ROM cards which are both duplicates: KV-501 is the same as the Michael Hotop's "SoundSet 8" soundbank and KV-502 is the same as the Bo Tomlyn's "Top Forty" soundbank.

 KV-501 "D-50 Special Collection Vol.1" (known in Europe as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 8 "Special Collection" soundbank) PatchlistImage
 KV-502 "Bo Tomlyn Top 40" (known in the USA as the Bo Tomlyn's "Top Forty" soundbank) PatchlistImage

Music Solutions is an american (California) society which distributed - under Sound Source Unlimited license - a D-50 ROM card named "House Band" which is in fact the same as the SSU D504R "FM Radio" soundbank. I don't konw if they produced other ROM cards for this synth. Any informations about it are welcome!
 D505R "House Band" (also known as the Sound Source Unlimited D504R "FM Radio" soundbank)PatchlistImage

Pro-Rec is an american society (Santa Barbara, California) which is selling a large collection of soundbanks for several synths.
They produced one D-50 soundbank named "Dance".


Mediacraft is an english society (Cheltenham) which produced seven D-50 soundbanks.
 Volume 1 "Golden Memories"Patchlist
 Volume 2 "Moods & Textures"Patchlist
 Volume 3 "Ethnic Set"Patchlist
 Volume 4 "Movie Set"Patchlist
 Volume 5 "Producer"Patchlist
 Volume 6 "Progressive Rock"Patchlist
 Volume 7 "Timewarp"Patchlist

Geerdes is a german company (Berlin) which is distributing now MIDIFiles songs.
They began in 1985 with synth soundbanks and editors for Atari or Commodore 64.
They edited three D-50 soundbanks in the late 80's (certainly joined with one of their editor programs).
 "Volume 1"Patchlist
 "Volume 2"Patchlist
 "Volume 3"Patchlist

Voice Crystal™ is an american company (Oakley, California - owners: Mark Wiens & Paul Chasteen) which is selling all Eye&I Productions products.
They are proposing six D-50 ROM cards. Particularities: volume 3 has Keith Emerson's signature and volume 4 has Jonathan Cain's signature on their respective faces.
 "Volume 1"PatchlistImageOrder it
 "Volume 2"PatchlistImageOrder it
 "Volume 3" (Keith Emerson signature card)PatchlistImageOrder it
 "Volume 4" (Jonathan Cain signature card)PatchlistImageOrder it
 "Volume 5"PatchlistImageOrder it
 "Volume 6"PatchlistImageOrder it

EMC is a german company (Bergisch Gladbach - owner: Klaus Grosser) which started as a recording studio which developed and sold in the late 80's Atari editors for various synths (about 25 until 1994). They are now proposing styles collections for diverse keyboards.
They distributed an Atari D-50 bankloader/sounds editor program named "Manager". They included with it three original soundbanks (Vol. 1-3).
They also produced a ROM card named "Einsteins Power - Effect Sounds" (originally known as "Crazy Klaus" soundbank).

 "Volume 1"PatchlistImage
 "Volume 2"PatchlistImage
 "Volume 3"PatchlistImage
 Einsteins Power "Effect Sounds" (originally known as "Crazy Klaus" soundbank) PatchlistImage

Metra Sound is a german company which produced three D-50 ROM cards.
Their products are now delivered by Sound Art website (Dahlenburg, Germany - owner: Roger Person).
 SC-01 "Standards" (programmed by Hubertus Maass)PatchlistImageOrder it
 SC-02 "Experimentals" (programmed by Simon Stockhausen)PatchlistImageOrder it
 SC-03 "Up To Date" (programmed by Peter Gorges) PatchlistImageOrder it

Patch Pro is an american society (Conowingo, Maryland) which produced and distributed four ROM cards for the D-50 as the "RDROM-Series".
 RDROM1 "Acoustic Synth Assortment"PatchlistImage
 RDROM2 "Pop & Jazz"PatchlistImage
 RDROM3 "Ethereal/Atmospheres"PatchlistImage
 RDROM4 "Textures/Keys/Synths"PatchlistImage

SoundEngine is an american society (Bâton-Rouge, Louisiana - owner: Scott Peer) which is apparently selling now - among others - products developed in the past by Technosis company.
They are proposing two D-50 soundbanks: a bass sounds compilation named "Rippin' Bass" (programmed by Scott) and a synth sounds mixed bag named "Unheard Synths" (programmed by Mike Peake, certainly originally distributed by Mike Peake).
 "Rippin' Bass" (programmed by Scott Peer)PatchlistOrder it
 "Unheard Synths" (programmed by Mike Peake)PatchlistOrder it

K.S.R.E. Music is a german company which produced a very particular "mega" D-50 card: it included a total of 8 banks divided in 4xROM/4XRAM sections (these last ones also contained original preloaded sounds).
Another particularity from this mega card is that there were two specific models: one for the D-50 (labeled D 50 Sound Controller) and one for the D-550 (labeled D550 Sound Controller). They were not compatible (size is different - see images below).

 D 50 ROM1PatchlistImage
 D 50 ROM2PatchlistImage
 D 50 ROM3PatchlistImage
 D 50 ROM4PatchlistImage
 D 50 RAM1PatchlistImage
 D 50 RAM2PatchlistImage
 D 50 RAM3PatchlistImage
 D 50 RAM4PatchlistImage

Cesium Sound™ is an american company (Berkeley, California) which produced an original six D-50 soundbanks set. All have been programmed by Nick Longo.
They are now distributing their soundbanks via the Web as sysex files. The patches organization has been modified comparing to the original ROM cards.
I received from an Internaute - many thanks to him! - an original ROM card labelized "03" and another one named "MKM Productions" wich seems to be a Cesium pre-production soundbank. I also found in Germany a ROM card named "D-Data" which is similar to the "03" and the "MKM".
 Volume 1 "Top 40" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Volume 2 "Analog Leads, Sweeps & Pads" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Volume 3 "Natural & Synth Percussion" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Volume 4 "New Age" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Volume 5 "Space & Atmospheric" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Volume 6 "Orchestral" (programmed by Nick Longo)PatchlistImageOrder it
 Original ROM cardsPatchlistImage

Synthware is an american company (Reading, Pennsylvania) which commercialized three D-50 ROM cards in the late 80's as the "Sound Pack" (or "Voice Pack") Series. All have been programmed by Scott Verret, a sounddesigner who worked during the 80's with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Genesis,...
They have been distributed for a while these last years as sysex files via the Waterfall 440 Studio Music website, but it seems now that they are definitively no longer available.
 Sound Pack 1 "Unique Hybrids & PCM Digitals" (programmed by Scott Verret)PatchlistImage
 Sound Pack 2 "Analog Synths, Strings & Basses" (programmed by Scott Verret)PatchlistImage
 Sound Pack 3 "Pianos, Organs, Guitars & Saxes" (programmed by Scott Verret)PatchlistImage

This swiss website is still developing products for old vintage synths. They are proposing now six original D-50 soundbanks as the "R" Series.
 Rd50_01 "Pop/Rock Studio Session" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rd50_02 "Dance/Techno Studio Programmation" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rd50_03 "New Age/Filmsongs Studio Creation" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rd50_04 "Symphonic/Jazz Orchestra Studio Emulations" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rd50_05 "Folk/Ethnic Worldwide Studio Production" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it
 Rd50_06 "Funk/R&B Groovy Studio Selection" (programmed by Karm)PatchlistOrder it

I know nothing about Sound Support (country? city? owner?) excepted that they developed a D-50 soundbank also distributed by Musicians Tech (Sweden) and Sounds OK (England, Camberley) as the CSD501 "Classic Synthesizers Vol.1" ROM card.
 CSD501 "Classic Synthesizers Vol.1" (distributed by Musicians Tech and Sounds OK)PatchlistImage

Ear 2 Ear is a german society (Gommern - owner: René Zerm) which produced in 1999 a really Techno oriented D-50 soundbank named "Virtual Analog" (also distributed by SoundArt).
 "Virtual Analog" PatchlistImageOrder itOrder it

MIDI Music is a british society (city?, owner?) which distributed a ten D-50 soundbanks set on Atari floppy disks.
"Sweden 1&2" soundbanks have been programmed by Niclas Luthman. "Soundtrack 1& 2" soundbanks have been programmed by Simon Bull.
"Japan" bank is the same file as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet 4 "Live 1" & Digital Music Soft Ware "Source - Live Sound Vol.1" soundbanks.
 Disk#1 "British 1"Patchlist
 Disk#1 "British 2"Patchlist
 Disk#1 "Japan" (known as the Digital Music Soft Ware "Live Sound Vol.1"  - also known as the Michael Hotop's SoundSet4 "Live 1") Patchlist
 Disk#1 "Sweden 1" (programmed by Niclas Luthman) Patchlist
 Disk#1 "Sweden 2" (programmed by Niclas Luthman) Patchlist
 Disk#1 "USA"Patchlist
 Disk#2 "Soundtrack 1" (programmed by Simon Bull)Patchlist
 Disk#2 "Soundtrack 2" (programmed by Simon Bull)Patchlist
 Disk#2 "Soundtrack 3" Patchlist
 Disk#2 "Soundtrack 4" Patchlist

Crim Media Projekt is a german society (owner: Roald Christensen) which is one of the first company to produce a D-50 soundbank not distributed by Roland. They also proposed a second half-soundbank. Any additional informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of it would be much appreciated!
(Many thanks to Pete South for his contribution).
 Crim Media Projekt (programmed by Roald Christensen)Patchlist

Sardonic Sounds is a canadian company (Vancouver, British Columbia - owner: Gregory Simpson) which was one of the earliest third-party synth sounds developer company created in the mid-1980's. They produced a single unique soundbank for the Roland D-50.
 Sardonic (programmed by Gregory Simpson)PatchlistImage

Eltekon Productions is an american society (Garden City, Michigan) which edited D-50 ROM cards as the "Soundblocks" Series (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz). I collected five volumes of it through the years (many thanks to Glyn Spaulding for his contribution). "Analog", "Digital", "Effects" are three of them (I'm not sure of the title about the soundbank that I named "Orchestral" but, please, correct me if I'm wrong!).
Fifth volume here has no name and essentially contains compilation patches from four other cards. I may think that it exists at least one other volume.
 Any additional informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of it would be much appreciated!
 "Analog" (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz)PatchlistImage
 "Digital" (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz)PatchlistImage
 "Effects" (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz)PatchlistImage
 "Orchestral ?" (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz - I'm not sure about the title...)PatchlistImage
 "Mix - Best Of" (programmed by Rich Rozmarniewicz)PatchlistImage

Patch/Works Music Software is an american society (New York - owner: Jed Weaver) which produced three D-50 ROM cards as the "D-SPECTRUM" Series.
 D-Spectrum "Volume 1" (programmed by Jed Weaver)PatchlistImage
 D-Spectrum "Volume 2" (programmed by Jed Weaver)PatchlistImage
 D-Spectrum "Volume 3" (programmed by Jed Weaver)PatchlistImage

An obscur origin D-50 ROM card (certainly California) simply named "Beachtown Sounds", with no other indications on it.
Any additional informations about it (city? owner?) are welcome!
 Beachtown SoundsPatchlistImage

Stéphane Pigeon is a belgian keyboardist who worked for Roland in the past. He commercialized five D-50 ROM cards distributed by Roland Benelux and gathering his own programmations (many thanks to him for his contribution). Some of his sounds have also been included into the V-Synth preload soundbank.
 ROM Volume 1 (commercialized with 48 patches only - Banks 7&8 are empty)Patchlist
 ROM Volume 2Patchlist
 ROM Volume 3Patchlist
 ROM Volume 4Patchlist
 ROM Volume 5Patchlist

SoundSations! is an american company which is proposing a ten D-50 soundbanks set on floppy disk. The best way to obtain it, is to keep an eye from time to time on eBay US auctions.
 "Big Band"Patchlist
 "New Age 1"Patchlist
 "New Age 2"Patchlist
 "New Age 3"Patchlist
 "Orchestral 1"Patchlist
 "Orchestral 2"Patchlist
 "Rock 1"Patchlist
 "Rock 2"Patchlist
 "Top 40"Patchlist

Maartists is an american society (Duluth, Georgia) which distributed D-50 RAM cards as the Music Pack Series with original preloaded sounds on it.
I refound this file in my collection, sent a few years ago by a friend of mine.
After some researches, I'm nearly sure that it is in fact the "Volume 2" from the Maartist cards (please, correct me if I'm wrong!). Any informations or confirmations about it would be much appreciated!

 Music Pack "Volume 2"PatchlistImage

Sven is a swedish keyboardist who participated to the D-50 Virtual Editor program development. He also produced two D-50 soundbanks that he sold in the past via the D-50 VE website.
 "Analog Power"Patchlist
 "Power Synth"Patchlist

Ultreen is an american website (Houston, Texas) which developed a D-50 soundbank ("Atmospheres Vol.1") distributed via the Net a few years ago.
Now, it seems that they gave up to sell it.

 "Atmospheres Vol.1"Patchlist

I know nothing about this company (certainly american), excepted that they produced one (perhaps more) D-50 violet ROM card.
Any additional informations about it are welcome!
 Violet ROM cardPatchlistImage

XTrem Sound is a german company (Köln - owner: Harmut Wessling) which produced one D-50 ROM card (programmed by Hartmut).
(Many thanks to Glyn Spaulding for his contribution).
 "Synth, Space & EFX" (programmed by Hartmut Wessling)PatchlistImage

I know nothing about this set: just that it is named Vertigo and that it includes four D-50 soundbanks. Any additional informations about it are welcome!
 Volume 1Patchlist
 Volume 2Patchlist
 Volume 3Patchlist
 Volume 4Patchlist

MIDImouse Music is an american society (Welches, Oregon). They produced four D-50 ROM cards as the Sonicflight Sounds Series. Here are volumes 1-3, I'm still searching for Volume 4. Any informations about it or - best of all - a sysex version of it would be much appreciated!
 Sonicflight Sounds Vol.1 PatchlistImage
 Sonicflight Sounds Vol.2 PatchlistImage
 Sonicflight Sounds Vol.3 Patchlist

I know nothing about this set: just that it is named Surprise and that it includes three D-50 soundbanks. Any additional informations about it are welcome!
 Volume 1Patchlist
 Volume 2Patchlist
 Volume 3Patchlist

I have no serious informations about it, but it seems that this soundbank have been commercialized in the USA as the Cinascope Studio D-50 soundbank (programmed by Paul Naton). It was perhaps a MIDImouse Music pre-production soundbank. Please, correct me if I'm wrong!!
 Cinascope Studio (programmed by Paul Naton)Patchlist

DR. T's
Dr. T's is an american society (owner: Bob Melvin & Emil Tobenfeld) which produced several Atari editors/librarians programs as the Caged Artist's Series.
This original soundbank was included with their D-50 editor program.
 Atari Caged Artist's Serie D-50 editor soundbank Patchlist

MOSAIC soundbank (programmed by Marc Joergenson, USA) is certainly one of the first soundbank published for the D-50 (August 1987 - D-50 was one month old). It seems to be in fact a pre-production soundbank as it's incomplete (48 patches) and several of the sounds are availabe in the Roland PN-D50 ROM cards.
 MOSAIC soundbank (programmed by Marc Joergenson)PatchlistImage

These are new D-50 soundbanks programmed and commercialized in 2013 by Carl Johnson (USA).
For personal reasons, Carl unfortunately stopped to sell it at the end of October 2014.
 "Descent Into Madness"Patchlist
 "Voltage Drift"Patchlist

This is a new D-50 soundbank programmed and commercialized in 2014 by Mark Rushbury (Glasgow, Scotland). WOW!! D-50 is still alive!!
 "Soundtracks"PatchlistOrder it


This is a new D-50 soundbank programmed and commercialized in 2011 by James Reynolds and inspired by the SSU  D510R "Atmospheric Textures & FX" product. You can find it from time to time on eBay.
 "Atmospheric Textures & FX - Vol.II"Patchlist

Vukan is a serbian musician (Belgrade) who commercialized his D-50 personal programmations in 2015 via a YouTube video demo.
 "Wolfang S. 02"PatchlistOrder it

CL-Projects is a belgian website which is essentially selling Kontakt libraries. They recently edited two D-50 soundbanks programmed by Franck Dierickx.
 "Linear Universe" (programmed by Franck Dierickx)PatchlistOrder it
 "Linear Galaxy" (programmed by Franck Dierickx)PatchlistOrder it

Nanomaalia (Ants Säde) is an estonian musician who commercialized his D-50 personal programmations in 2014 as the "Producer 01" soundbank.
 "Nanomaalia - Producer 01" (programmed by Ants Säde)PatchlistOrder it

Here are five unknown origin D-50 commercial soundbanks. Any informations about it (producer or distributer names) are welcome!
 Unknown 1Patchlist
 Unknown 2Patchlist
 Unknown 3Patchlist
 Unknown 4Patchlist
 Unknown 5Patchlist

ManyMIDI is an american society (Beverly Hills, California - owner: Elmo Peeler) which developed huge sound libraries for several synth models.
 Their D-50 library is constitued of two sets for a total of 2'194 patches.
All are organized in specific categories  (Pianos, Brass, Strings, Organ, Bells, Percus,...).

 ManyMIDI D-50 Set#1 - Rhythm Section/Percussion/FX  --  (24 soundbanks - 1'037 patches)PatchlistOrder it
 ManyMIDI D-50 Set#2 - Orchestral/Synth (30 soundbanks - 1'157 patches)PatchlistOrder it

Musitronics is a german society (Darmstadt - owner: Oliver Schwartz) which developed two different expansion board cards for the D-50:
- The M.EX which extended the D-50 as a multitimbral synth and added two internal soundbanks (total of 3x64 internal patches=192). They delivered it with two preloaded soundbanks (see below) programmed by Oliver Schwarz placed into "Internal X" and "Internal Y" additional soundbanks (the common internal memory contained in fact the Roland PN-D50-00 internal factory soundbank).
- The PCM.EX which added 50 new PCM waveforms and permitted to build drum kits
Both expansion board cards can be used together
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Books/publications (alphabetical order):
D. Walker "64 Patches for D-50/Vol.1"D. Navarro "128 sons Originaux pour D-50"

Dan Walker published two Roland D-50 books: the first one about programmation basis and tips and the second one with 64 original patches to program.
This soundbank is extracted from this last one named "64 Patches For D-50/Vol.1" (Ed. Alexander Publishing).

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Diego is a french keyboardist who published a 128 original D-50 patches book named "128 Sons Originaux pour D-50" (Ed. Oscar Musique - 1988).
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