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2017-11-04: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Starship "Knee Deep In The Hoopla" & Art Mengo "Un 15 Août en Février" CDs added - USA For Africa "We Are The World" & Desireless "Voyage, Voyage" singles added
2017-11-02: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Queen "The Works" CD added
2017-11-01: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Loose Ends "So Where Are You ?" & Basia "London Warsaw New York" CDs added
2017-10-25: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Barclay James Harvest "Victims Of Circumstance", Kansas "The Best Of Kansas" and "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack CDs added
2017-10-21: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: MusiCom Distribution "Les Meilleurs Sons du DX7" book added
2017-10-20: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: The Communards "Red" CD added
2017-10-19: Roland D-50/Famous examples: Tangerine Dream "Canyon Dreams" CD added
2017-10-17: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Bernard Wright "Mr. Wright" & Steve Winwood "Back In The High Life" CDs added
2017-10-10: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Barb & Co "Nexus-D" soundbank added
2017-09-13: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Mr. Mister "Welcome To The Real World", Nu Shooz "Poolside" & Supertamp "Free As A Bird" CDs added
2017-08-14: Ensoniq VFX/Missing soundbanks: Valhala International Gold "VX-102" patchlist and image added (sounds still requested)
2017-08-11: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: "Keyboards Magazine" (french version) soundbanks collection updated
2017-07-29: Yamaha SY77/Commercial soundbanks: Easy Sounds "Sound Collection Vol.4" soundbank added - PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2017-07-21: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "Best of FM Generation - Vol.9" soundbank added
2017-05-31: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" single added
               Roland D-50/Famous examples: Snoop Doggy Dogg "Doggystyle" CD added
2017-05-30: Ensoniq VFX/Missing soundbanks: Kid Nepro "Vol.1" patchlist added (sounds still requested)
2017-05-29: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: DX7 Patch Fake Book#4 "Record Date" added
2017-05-24: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Music Data "TV & Film" & "Techno Studio/Live" soundbanks added
               Yamaha DX7/Missing soundbanks: Music Data "General Library Series - Analog" soundbank request added
2017-05-15: Korg M1/Commercial soundbanks: Sound Foundation "Gold Vol.2 & 3" soundbanks added
                       Korg M1/Missing soundbanks: Digital Music Soft Ware "Drum Phrase" soundbank request
2017-05-14: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: XTrem Sound "Synth, Space & EFX" soundbank added
2017-05-10: Korg WS/Commercial soundbanks: Sound Atelier KC-001 soundbank added
2017-04-05: Yamaha DX7/Missing soundbanks: Musik Mewes "MERAM 4" soundbanks request added
2017-03-04: Ensoniq VFX/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "VFX Revival - Vol.3" soundbank added
2017-02-15: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Stevie Wonder "Characters" & Exposé "Exposure" CDs added
2017-02-01: Roland D-50/Personal patches: new folder added (28 soundbanks) into the "All The Web" collection
2017-02-08: Korg WS/Video demos: PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED - videos added
2017-02-01: Roland D-50/Famous examples: George Michael "Faith" & Eric Clapton "Journeyman" CDs added
2017-01-18: Roland D-50/Video demos: PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED - videos added
2017-01-07: Roland D-50/Famous examples: The Art Of Noise "In No Sense? Nonsense!" CD added
2016-12-29: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: SynLib DX/TX Editor (Marc Bareille) library added
2016-12-19: Roland JD-800/Commercial soundbanks: Käng-Kong "Tekk-Tools" soundbank added - PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
                       Roland JD-800/Missing soundbanks: Soft Sound "Volume 1&2" soundbanks request added
2016-12-07: Ensoniq VFX/Missing soundbanks: Mr.Magic "Stage & Studio" soundbank request added
                       Yamaha DX7/Missing soundbanks: MIDImouse "DX Journey" & "Sonic Voyage" patchlists added (sounds still requested)
2016-12-06: Roland D-50/Missing soundbanks: XTrem Sounds "Synth, Space & EFX" soundbank request added
2016-12-05: Korg M1/Commercial soundbanks: Soft Sound "Volume 1" soundbank & ProSound collection added - PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2016-11-16: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: unknown origin cartridges added - informations requested
2016-11-16: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rittor "Shinzui - Vol.1" soundbank added
2016-11-09: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: "Dexed v1.0 (Black Winny)" huge folder added
2016-11-07: Ensoniq VFX/Missing soundbanks: Latter Sound Productions soundbanks set request added
2016-10-25: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: CL-Projects "Linear Galaxy" soundbank added
2016-10-22: Ensoniq VFX/Commercial soundbanks: PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2016-10-12: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Ishibashi "Sound ROM 2" soundbank added
2016-09-19: Yamaha SY77/Commercial soundbanks: SoundEngine "Shades of DX" and "Dumb Luck" soundbanks added
2016-09-17: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Barb & Co "Neptune-X7" soundbanks added
2016-09-14: Yamaha DX7/Missing soundbanks: Rittor Music "Shinzui" soundbank request added
2016-05-22: Roland JD-800/All the Web patches collection: "StudioReine" soundbank Vol.2 added
2016-08-21: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Nanomaalia "Producer 01" soundbank added - PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2016-08-13: Yamaha DX7/Missing soundbanks: Data1 and A.S.P. Software soundbanks request added
2016-07-02: Korg WS/Commercial soundbanks: PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2016-06-04: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: C-Lab X-RAM 128 1 "Performance Collection" soundbanks added
2016-06-01: Ensoniq VFX/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "VFX Revival - Vol.2" soundbank added
2016-05-25: Roland JD-800/Commercial soundbanks: Roland "Eric Persing" soundbank added
2016-05-22: Roland JD-800/All the Web patches collection: "StudioReine" soundbank Vol.1 added
2016-05-07: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Ishibashi "Sound ROM 3" added - PAGE PRESENTATION MODIFIED !!
2016-04-25: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: "Bridge Music Recording Studio" huge folder added
2016-04-17: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: FID Midisoftware, Data Store & Hubertus Maass soundbanks added
2016-04-08: Roland JD-800/All the Web patches collection: "Germano Castello" & "Jd800syx" folders added
2016-04-05: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Jacksons "Victory", Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone", Baltimora "Tarzan Boy" & Lionel Richie "Dancing On The Ceiling" CDs added
2016-03-26: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: CL-Projects "Linear Universe" soundbank added
2016-03-23: Yamaha SY77/Famous examples: Europe "Prisoners In Paradise" CD added
2016-03-02: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Hall & Oates "Big Bam Boom", Dead Or Alive "Youthquake", Laura Branigan "Self Control" CDs added
2016-02-27: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Bitec Sound DataX 64 ROM cartridges added
2016-02-03: Diverse synths: 28 Clavia Nord Lead patches added
2016-01-30: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Vukan Stojanovic's "Wolfgang S. 02" soundbank added
2016-01-06: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: James Reynolds' "Atmospheric Textures & FX - Vol.II" soundbank added
2015-12-31: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: ARK/Source "Hotopsounds Vol.5&6" soundbanks added
2015-12-24: Roland JD-800/Commercial soundbanks: Digital Music SoftWare "Live Sound Vol.1" soundbank added
2015-12-09: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "Best of FM Generation - Vol.8" soundbank added
2015-12-02: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Commodores "Nightshift" & Bronski Beat "The Age Of Consent" CDs added
2015-11-18: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: BackInTime Records soundbanks added
2015-11-11: Yamaha SY77 section opening
2015-11-11: Roland D-50/Famous examples: "The Simpsons" theme added
2015-10-07: Roland D-50/Famous examples: New Order "Technique" CD added
2015-09-30: Ensoniq VFX/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "VFX Revival - Vol.1" soundbank added
2015-06-03: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: "STUDIOREINE v1" soundbank added (for DX7II models)
2015-03-11: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Digital Music SoftWare/Source "Studio Sound Vol.4" soundbank added
2015-02-17: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Patch/Works D-Spectrum "Volume 3" soundbank added
2015-01-01: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Kate Bush "Hounds Of Love" CD added
2014-11-04: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "Best of FM Generation - Vol.7" soundbank added
2014-10-05: Roland JD-800/Commercial soundbanks: 3D Sound, Holophon, Italtrack & Unknown collections added
2014-09-03: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Mark Rushbury's soundbank added
2014-02-19: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Howard Jones "Human's Lib" & Sandra "The Long Play" CDs added
2014-01-15: Roland JD-800/Commercial soundbanks: Michael Hotop's Volume 6 "Tanzmusiker" soundbank added
2013-12-18: Roland D-50/Commercial soundbanks: Carl Johnson's soundbanks added
2013-12-11: Roland JD-800 section opening
2013-12-04: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "Best of FM Generation - Vol.6" soundbank added
2013-09-21: Yamaha DX7/All the Web patches collection: "Guitares & Claviers" soundbanks added
2013-05-01: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Skyslip ROM 1-5 added
2013-02-06: Yamaha DX7/Commercial soundbanks: Rec'Up "Best of FM Generation - Vol.4&5" soundbanks added
2013-01-16: Yamaha DX7/Famous examples: Sting "The Dream Of The Blue Turtles" CD added

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